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Tim Cronin is an award-winning filmmaker, composer & musician. He has made films for both public sector and corporate audiences, scored music for films distributed across the

UK and shown at Cannes, and has played

music professionally in various bands.


He has a strong background working in both education and prisons. Tim brings this unique range of experience to all his projects, to the highest professional standards. He is also

proud to be a Trustee of Music For Change.


A recent winner of the Kent High Sheriffs

Award for his media services to the community, Tim firmly believes that limited technology

should not be a barrier to producing exciting

and innovative film and music.


Please visit our contact page to get touch as

Tim would love to discuss your next project.




Tim set up and runs the innovative Film Unit within HM prison and young offender institution at Rochester, Kent.


• ’Splash Splash’, made with prisoners at HMP Rochester, won

a Commended Koestler Award in 2014.


• ‘Yo Yo and Ant At The Shed’ took first prize in the 17-19 Best Documentary/Experimental at London’s Olympiad Film Nation 2012.


• ‘You’ve Just Been Torched’ was runner up at the same awards.


• ‘Guinea Pigs NPS IN Prison’ a prisoner-led documentary, was completed in December 2014 and was available to the entire secure state as part of The Leaner Voice programme for 2015.


• Ran a project with actor Femi Oyeniran at Cookham Wood YOI.


• ‘Balloons’ was made with Castle Hill Primary School in 2014.



In 2014 Tim also scored music for two films shown at the Cannes Film Festival. ‘It’s A Lot’ was then shown in cinemas across the UK, while

The Winedancers (Bacchanalia in the US) has received a distribution

deal and was seen and heard again at Cannes 2015.


As singer and writer for Silverheel he recorded for various record

labels since 1993 and continues to be available as a session player.

Most recently he has played with Gus Devlin and The Resistance

on the Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 2014 Tour. Tim also played at

Mick Jagger’s 2014 Christmas party.


Tim began his musical career at the age of 17, leaving school to be

part of graffix show band who played in various hotels around the

world. He returned to the UK and moved to London to complete his education gaining an English (BA Hons) degree from Queen Mary

& Westfield college ULU. After this Tim signed a record deal with

legendary label, Acid Jazz.


Tim has also been a musical director and was commissioned to

compose musicals, most notably Alice Lost in Wonderland for

Theatre Venture in Newham.  His diverse range of talents have

constantly been sought over the years by many musicians and arts organisations. Tim's music can be heard on almost every medium,

from video, to radio, to television.


From Primary to Prison, from Special School to Sixth

Form College, from Community Group to Corporate

Training, Tim Cronin’s wealth of film, music and technology experience can add value to almost any aspect of your training or education provision.



Experience in Formal Positions


• 2005 to 2014 Head of Guitar and Musical Outreach, Bromley Youth Musical Trust


• Designed and delivered accredited alternative music/film curricula for Bromley 14-16 for over seven years.


• Programme Area Leader for Music at Lewisham College, Effective Head of Department for a large and energetic popular music department.


Freelance Work-Since 2001 Cronin Music Ltd have delivered

film and music education based projects in a variety of settings


• Produced films


• Run and delivered music and film based workshops


• Led education programmes for mainstream schools, community groups, excluded hard-to-reach groups and special schools


• Designed and delivered Continuing Professional Development packages for a variety of public sector organisations.


Notable Recent Projects - Beginning in 2014, the innovative HMPYOI Rochester Film Unit serves stakeholders and works

with prisoners to produce all manner of media.


• The film poem Splash Splash gained a Koestler Award

within a month of project start


• Guinea Pigs NPS in Prison, a prisoner led exploration of legal highs in custody, has been distributed to all UK Prisons, and also prepared for broadcast on National Prison Radio.


• 2014, Castle Hill Primary School, Folkestone. The film Balloons was the product of a 10-week programme that used film making

to address challenging behaviour in a stigmatised group.


music from tim cronin & silverheel

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